Friday, March 30, 2012


Some faiths revere the church, God, and Jesus. Volumes of books are sold yearly written by pastors, preachers, and faith base organizations offering insights about God and Jesus. Radio shows broadcast sermons and songs everyday offering spiritual food for countless people. Conventions are held in every city bringing in religious experts and preachers offering sermons, discussions, prayers and selling an array of products. It seems all the focus is on God and his son Jesus. Why is there so little interest in the Goddess and her children? How can there be a discussion about God and his child and not include the Goddess and her children in the conversation? It’s very interesting that the Goddess and her children are rarely mentioned.

These children I refer to as the Self. Self is the divine child. Its very essence is of God. To know Self is to know God. Self resides within the heart. Focusing your will upon the heart reveals Self.  Self is not limited by time and space. Self is not static. Self can never be measure nor completely known. Self continues to expand, it knows no boundaries. Space cannot separate Self from Self. Self is expansion. Self is non material. Self becomes more aware of Self; as Self becomes more aware it expands. Self can never grasp its totality it can only expand eternally. Self has no beginning and no end. Self exist! Self is not ego. Ego keeps Self from being realized. Ego cast a net of illusion around Self trapping it in a sea of creation. In illusion Self mistakenly identifies creation with truth.

Self is not creation, Self is creator! 

Self incarnates for the sole purpose of breaking free from this cosmic illusion called Maya. Self contains four letters. The incarnated Self finds itself in a box, a square called a body. Self erroneously accepts this body as Self.  Five physical senses compound the illusion of Maya, casting an even heavier net around Self. These five senses steer the vision outward creating desires that must be fulfilled before Self can free itself.       This is the number pattern associated with the word Self, S=19/10/1, E=5, L=12/3, F=6. When added together you get the compound number of 42, reduce down to the number 6. The number 6 in numerology represents the family. The corner stone of every family are the children. A conversation and/or doctrine that only talks about God and Jesus without including the Goddess and her children can never be complete.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whitney Houston

Whitney’s birth name is Whitney Elizabeth Houston but the world knew her as Whitney Houston the following analysis will only focus on Whitney Houston.
Whitney Houston’s birth name contains 14 letters.
Wh i  t  n e  y                        H  o  u   s  t    o   n
1 2 3 4 5 6 7                         8 9 10 1112 13 14
Each letter has a corresponding number.
A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, I=9
J=10, K=11, L=12, M=13, N=14, O=15, P=16, Q=17, R=18
S=19, T=20, U=21, V=22, W=23, X=24, Y=25, Z=26
In numerology there are only 9 numbers, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Every compound number can be reduced to one of these 9 numbers by adding the compound numbers together until only a single number remains. Ex, 23 can be reduced to the number 5 by adding 2+3=5.
There are three compound numbers that are not reduced 11, 22, and 33 these numbers are called master numbers.

Each of the 9 numbers has a positive and challenging aspect.
   POSTITIVE                                       CHALLENGING
1. INDIVIDUAL                                  SELFISHNESS
2. COOPERATIVE                              NOT TEAM PLAYER
3. CREATIVITY                                  LACK OF EXPRESSION
4. FOUNDATION                               LACK OF DISCIPLINE
5. FREEDOM                                      IMPRISONMENT
6. LOVE                                              DIVORCE
7. SPIRIT                                            DENIEL OF TRUTH
8. COMMERCE                                  DEBT
9. HUMANITY                                   LACK of HUMANITY        
The above are just key words. Each number represents spiritual lessons. The first lesson for mankind is to know the self. The second lesson is to trust others. Third lesson to express your creative nature, fourth lesson to learn discipline, fifth lesson to stay free, six lesson to experience love, seventh lesson to know spirit, the eight lesson to respect earth and the ninth lesson to love humanity. 

W  H  I  T  N  E  Y                             H  O  U  S  T  O  N
5   8   9  2  5  5  7                                8  6   3  1  2   6  5
Whitney Houston name number patterns are 5,8,9,2,5,5,7 and 8,6,3,1,2,6,5. Putting both patterns together it looks like this: 5,8,9,2,5,5,7,8,6,3,1,2,6,5. There are,
One 1
two 2’s (22/4)
one 3
zero 4’s
four 5’s (4 x 5=20, 2+0=2)
two 6’s (2 x 6=12, 1+2=3)
one 7
two 8’s (2 x 8= 16, 1+6=7)
one 9
The above column of numbers is called an intensity chart. It reveals strengths and challenges.  Looking at this chart you can see there are zero fours, 2 twos, two eights, two sixes, and 4 fives. Zero fours indicate that focus and attention to details could pose a challenge. The number four gets some reassurance from the master number 22 derived by placing both twos together. The power of the 22 is much stronger than the missing four. The double eights when added together carry the power of spirit, 8+8=16, 1+6=7  This seven when combine with the one seven found in the intensity chart gives us the compound number 14, reduced down to the number 5, (1+4=5)  This five gives additional weight to the four fives. Without the grounding foundation of the number four a very strong need for freedom will be evident in the personality. The double sixes give insight to the musical nature of Whitney plus the strong family bond and need and desire for family commitment. The strength of the 6 can give needed grounding to help keep the 5 grounded. The double eights carry business weight but must have spiritual infusion to achieve success.
Upside down pyramid
                                W     H    I  T    N    E    Y
                                 5      8   9   2   5     5    7
                                       4   8   2   7   1     3
                                           3   1  9   8   4          
                                              4   1    8  3
                                                  5   9  2
                                                     5  2

The above upside pyramid builds the inner potential. These are hidden numbers. Each hidden number brings the inner structure more into focus; it offers us a clearer perspective and understanding of the inner workings of the soul. The upside down pyramid uses a secondary intensity chart.         

1. THREE ONES (3X1=3)
2. FOUR TWOS   (4X2=8)
4. THREE FOURS   (3X4=12, 1+2=3)
5. FIVE FIVES         (5X5=25, 2+5=7)
8. FOUR EIGHTS     (4X8=32, 3+2=5)
9. THREE NINES     (3X9=27, 2+7=9)

  The above chart shows that the number 5 leads with five intensity points followed by numbers 2 and 8 with four intensity points. The number 6 is absent.
The five fives when multiplied vibrates to a 25 vibration reduced down to the number 7. This additional 7 added to the triple sevens shows a very strong spiritual under current moving throughout the name.
The four eights when multiplied vibrates to a 32 vibration reduced down to the number 5. The four eights build solid business platforms but may have a slight tendency to take an eye off the objective.  
The four twos when multiplied vibrate to a 8 vibration. The four twos create strong desires to create foundations based on fundamental principles. These foundations must be strong yet show flexibility.
 Looking at the upside down pyramid the three ones brings more into focus the power of the individual as it relates to its power to create and express. The strong showing of the number 2 sheds light on the strong willingness of the number one to work and cooperate with others. Three threes give a strong boost to the one’s ability to vocalize. Three fours put at the disposal of the one strong organizational skills. Five fives with their tendencies to rush through projects could challenge the one in all areas, putting a damper on its accomplishments.  Zero sixes in the upside down pyramid weaken slightly the strong six showing from Whitney’s name intensity chart.  Three sevens add strength to the spiritual foundation given the name a much needed boost. Four eights plus the two eights found in the name intensity chart skyrockets the one strong propensity for wealth and success. Three nines plus the one nine form the name intensity chart helps the one not to get drown in the successful world that the one may find itself in.
 The family name Houston shed insights into the potential of the family. Let’s us now take a look at the upside down pyramid of Houston.
                                   H  O  U  S  T  O  N
                                    8   6   3  1  2  6   5
                                       5    9  4  3  8  2
                                           5   4  7  2  1
                                              9   2  9  3
                                                 2   2  3
                                                    4  5
                                                      9 (9 BOTTOM OF PYRAMID)
1. TWO ONES             (2X1=2)
2. FIVE TWOS             (5X2=10, 1+0=1)
3. FOUR THREES        (4X3=12, 1+2=3)
4. THREE FOURS        (3x4=12, 1+2=3)
5. FOUR FIVES            (4x5=20, 2+0=2)
6. TWO SIXES              (2x6=12  1+2=3)
7. ONE SEVEN             (1x7=7)
8. TWO EIGHTS           (2x8=16, 1+6=7)
9. FOUR NINES           (4x9=36, 3+6=9) 9 BOTTOM OF PYRAMID
The family name shows strong backbone, a willingness to work in harmony with others, very good vocals with a keen sense for artistic beauty, cautionary but at times throw caution to the wind. Strong family ties with a heighten sense of spirituality. Good business acumen with great love for humanity.  The nine that sits at the bottom of the pyramid carry all the weight upon her shoulders signifying a strong, loving heart for all of mankind. 
 Number 2 has the strongest intensity with 5, follow by the numbers three, four, and nine with four intensity points each. When the four threes, three fours, and two sixes are multiplied the compound numbers of 12 are revealed, reduced down to the number 3, the number of speech which add tremendous power and intensity to the voice.    
 Combining all three charts offers a solid portrait of the inner and outer nature of the name Whitney Houston.
From the above chart the number five has the strongest intensity point with thirteen followed by the number 2 with eleven.
  The number five rules the 5 physical senses. The number 5 needs to stay grounded. If not grounded properly it has a tendency to fly in multiple directions.  Strong numbers for grounding are ones, fours, and eights. From the above chart they are ample amount of these grounding numbers.
The number 2 rules sensitivity. Heighten awareness steaming from the emotions. One must not surrender too readily to their over whelming pull. Rely more on concrete evidence and critical analysis. 
 Numbers three, eight, and nine all carry 8 intensity points  These strong points will offer ample opportunities for the soul to excel in these areas, creativity, commerce, and love that cross all boundaries.
 Every name carries a soul vibration, a dream vibration and outer expression. The soul vibration is derived from isolating the vowels, the dream is derived from isolating the consonants, and the outer expression by adding the soul vibration with the outer vibration.  
          9          5 = 14/5                                 6  3           6 = 15/6
W  H  I  T  N  E  Y                                 H  O  U  S  T  O  N    
5    8     2   5      7 = 27/9                        8            1   2       5 = 16/7
Soul of Whitney = 14 reduced down to number 5.
Dream of Whitney =27 reduced down to number 9
Outer expression = 14+27=41 reduced down to number 5
Soul of Houston = 15 reduced down to the number 6.
Dream of Houston = 16 reduced down to the number 7.
Outer expression 15+16= 31 reduced down to the number 4.
Soul of Whitney plus soul of Houston =11/2
Dream of Whitney plus dream of Houston=16/7
Outer expression of Whitney plus outer expression of Houston=9.
The soul of Whitney long for freedom to soar high into the sky while the soul of Houston has a deep desire for home and family these two numbers sit in opposition of each other. A compromise and balance must be struck. Strong family ties will help keep the 5 in check but it must not be to the point where the five feel its freedom is being compromised to greatly.
 The dream of Whitney is to touch humanity. To explore the world and taste all it has to offer. The dream of Houston is to find time for God. These two numbers could work in harmony if the dream does not forget God as it explores the world.
The outer expression of Whitney like her soul has a burning desire not to be cage up. To live life to its fullest without hindrance. The outer expression of Houston needs structure and discipline. These two expressions sit in opposition. The five enjoys running without boundaries while the 4 want to stay put and work more from a stable position. The 4 expression must not make the 5 feel suffocated or the five will rebel, on the other hand the five can teach the four not to be so inflexible.
 The combinations of both souls of Whitney and Houston long for cooperation, to find the sweet spot and work from there.
 The combinations of both dreams of Whitney and Houston are to search for the meaning of life through deep contemplation and spiritual studies.
   The combinations of both outer expressions of Whitney and Houston are to explore life to its fullest. To offer aid to the misfortune and self sacrifice so that others may have.
 Life is an open book but you must understand the language it’s written in. Every incarnated person comes with a blueprint an objective to accomplish. Tools like numerology helps the incarnate soul read its blueprint but the final choices always lie with the soul.

Master numerologist Andre Alvin Moore 2/23/12 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

America is at a pivotal point in her history......

Almost daily we hear about the state of our economy and the sense is that America is at a truly pivotal point in her history. I was guided to consider using numerology a few aspects of the state of our amazing country.

We are moving through the 44th and 45th presidency or in numerological terms the 8 and the 9. The 8 vibration of wealth, or lack of is plainly seen, it's the 9 vibration that is the closer.   

Wall street represents the 8, money and wealth and the people occupying Wall Street the 9, humanity. There will be a show down. 

 The year 2012 has double threes that are hidden, (2+1=3) (1+2=3) these double threes creates the master number 33, The 3 energy rules the throat charka or the line of communication, the 6 energy rules the American family.

This tells me that we must open up our line of communication, listen to the people if we are to remain free.   Freedom's energy is represented in the number 5, and 2+0+1+2=5. The number 5 is America's destiny, July 4th 1776   (7+4 +1+7+7+6= 32 3+2=5.)   The double twos are indicating that we must rebuild America, the number 4.

Question, do we rebuild from an America that's been laid to rubbish or do we rebuild from the platform we are standing upon now? The lonesome 1 ask this question, do I stand alone or will we stand together as 1?

The triple sevens places emphasis on the 3, 3 times 7=21 2+1=3.  Communication of all types is at the forefront.  We must speak and be heard or a new revolution will emerge. Spirit does not want mankind to be involved in a revolution so spirit spoke with me and said that,"mankind must drop the r in revolution and realize that life is an evolution."

Will America fall because of the greed of the 1 percent, or will the 9 prevail, 9+9=18, 1+8=9?

Will America face a new begining, the 1 or will she meet her end, the 9?

Master Numerologist Andre Alvin Moore (c) 10.18.11

Hurricane Irene ..............

The numerological pattern of the name Irene is 99555 which when added together give us the compound number of 33. There are four master numbers vibrating around and through Irene, 99, 55, 55, and 33. The third master number, 55 comes from the second and third five which helps make up the number pattern of Irene.

The master number 99 let us know that the first major lesson is for all of humanity to take notice that this hurricane is warning mankind that our collective thought forms are becoming too selfish. We must now get out of our heads and move more into our heart.

The triple fives which when added together give us the compound number of 15 reduced down to the number six. This second lesson reinforces the first one that man has moved to far from unselfishness to selfishness. 

The double master numbers of 55 tells us two things. That we are too much about the self, 5+5= 1 and that we need to swiftly moved into our heart center. The wind ride upon the number 5, the five moves swiftly and powerfully. The fact that there are three of them gives further insight into how far we have left our heart center.

The master number 33 wants to remind all of us that we are all God’s children. Each person is here to embrace self love and to share that love with each other...    

A fifth master number is also circulating and providing us with even more information. August is the 8th month of our calendar year.  Hurricane Irene touched land on the 26th of August. When you add 2+6 together you get the number 8. Thus producing the fifth master number of 88,this lesson show us that we are placing too much focus on the material, not sharing resources and those that have abundance are selfishly hording these resources for their own selfish needs. The double 8 when reduced down gives us the compound number of 16, when reduced gives us the number 7, the number of spirit.The sixth master number is found at the end of our calendar year, 2011, the 11 the number of the goddess. She is working hand in hand with God.

Hurricane Irene is here to teach and show that material things both man made and God created can be swept away. Only love remains.

Master numerologist Andre Alvin Moore 08/27/11

Numerological Analysis of Whitney Houston’s Death

Like the world, news of Miss Whitney's passing was a shock.  Quite serendipitously - of course there are no accidents - I was in attendance at Miss Whitneys' final public appearance at Tru Nightclub on February 9, 2012......  Later in meditation, as news spread of her passing, many numerological messages came to me and I share them with you here. 

All souls incarnate for a specific purpose. Most souls live and die without fulfilling that purpose. Not so with the soul of Whitney Houston. She came to sing and boy did she sing.

Every soul has an entry point and exit point.

The entry point is called the birth cycle, the day, month, and year that a soul is born on. The birth cycle is a blue print that guides a soul on their earthy journey. It’s like a road map. It’s up to each soul to stay on their road. Many souls do not. They find themselves detoured and struggle all of their lives to get back on track. The road map only shows the potentiality of every soul.

The exit point is the end of the road called death. If read correctly it reveals how a soul actually lived their life, highlighting the vibrations that dominated their choices in life. 

Whitney Houston’s birth cycle was August the ninth nineteen sixty three. Put another way her birth numbers are 8 for August, 9 for the day she was born on and when you add her year of birth together you get the compound number of 19, further reduced down to a 10, and then finally reduced to a 1. (1+9+6+3=19, 1+9= 10, 1+0=1) Creating this number pattern 8 9 1.
When these 3 numbers are added together you get the compound number of 18 further reduced down to 9(8+9+1=18, 1+8=9) Whitney’s entry numbers are 8,9,1,9.

Whitney’s exit point numbers are 2 for the month of February, 11 for the day, and 2012 for the year. Put another way her numbers look like this 2, for the month of February, 2 for the day she left (when you add the day 11=1+1=2, and 5 for the year, 2+0+1+2=5). Creating this number pattern 2, 2, 5, when you add these three numbers together you get 9.  Whitney’s exit numbers are 2,2,5,9.

Looking at these eight numbers (entry and exit point numbers), 8,9,1,9 2,2,5,9 you notice that the number 9 repeats three times. There is a fourth nine hidden. It is revealed when you add all 8 numbers together. You get the compound number of 54 reduced down to the number 9. The number 2 repeats twice.

The number nine has many aspects. In one of her aspects she is known as the "closer". She brings things to an end. Another of her aspect is her great love for humanity. Like the number nine the number 2 has multiple aspects as well. She is known as the friend and the helper. She works in harmony with the number 9.   

Whitney Houston’s age at the time of her death was 48. Her age is also very revealing if you take a different approach to her point of exit. Take a look at this number pattern 2 2 2 0 1 2. The first 2 represents February, the second 2 is derived from adding the double ones of the date (11) and the third and fourth 2 is taken from the year 2012.

You will observe that there are 4 twos; if you add the four twos together you get the number 8, hence her age 48. 2 + 2 + 2 + 2= 8       4     4     4      

There is a very interesting and powerful connection about this number pattern 434, The double fours plays a vital role with the triple fours you observe from the four two pattern from above.

Whitney’s daughter Bobbie Kristina Brown is born on March 4, 1993 her number pattern breaks down as follow, March being the third month equates to the number 3, she is born on the fourth, and when you add together her year birth, 1+9+9+3=22 further reduced down to the number four, so the pattern looks like this 344 now this is where it gets interesting, the room number that Whitney Houston was staying at the Beverly Hilton was 434 same numbers as her daughter’s birth numbers just a different sequence.

Now when you add 434 together you get the compound number 11, the day she died on!

Let’s quickly revisit her age at the time of her death 48. Both the 4 and the 8 are masculine numbers. The four represents strong foundations and the 8 represents power. When added together you get the compound number 12, further reduced down to the number 3. The number 3 rules the voice. No one will dispute the fact that Whitney had one of the strongest and most powerful voices that the world ever had the pleasure of listening to.    

The world could listen and tell that Whitney’s voice pierced straight into the heavens but what the world didn’t know that her heart was bigger than her voice. The number 9 in numerology rules the heart of humanity. Whitney’s life if read correctly verified that indeed her heart held no boundaries, crossed all lines of humanity. Her life’s destiny pulsated with love for all.

Going back to her birth cycle she was born August 9, 1963. Visually you can see the number 9 birthday, the last two numbers in her birth year when added together creates another 9, (6+3=9) when you add her three birth cycles together 8+9+1+9+6+3 you get the compound number 36, the reversal of her last two numbers in her birth year. When you add 3+6 together you get her 9 destiny.

At Whitney’s last public performance she sang a duet with her friend Kelly Price at a club called Tru two days before her death, on the 9th of February.  Whitney was in town to attend Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party which was to take place on the eve of the Grammy’s 54th presentation, (5+4=9)

Whitney’s daughter Bobbie Kristina Brown age at the time of her mother’s death 18, (1+8=9)

The public was hoping for an open viewing at the Prudential Center which seats 18,000 but the family opted for a private viewing in Newark, New Jersey. Newark carries a 9 vibration, N=5,E=5,W=5,A=1,R=9,K=2, (5+5+5+1+9+2=27,2+7=9).

Whitney’s funeral will be held February 18, (1+8=9) 2012.

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012, a 9 universal day, February is the second month 2, one plus one equal 2 and 2+0+1+2=5 when you add 2+2+5 you get her 9 exit point.

Whitney’s last public appearance was at a club called Tru, her last movie role in a movie call Sparkle.

Truly Whitney Houston Is/was
R.I.P  WHITNEY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Master Numerologist Andre Alvin Moore © 2/16/12

Whitney Houston’s Death can Teach us About Life

Blessings from the Angelic ream, blessings from the soul astral plane we come to you in peace and love.  Today I received powerful messages from my Spirit Guides about Miss Whitney's very sudden departure from this planet.

Whitney’s untimely death on the eve of the Grammys allowed her to teach each of us these following lessons.  Each person is a soul who incarnates on earth to learn and gain truth that we are eternal beings. Our lives are to be lived with great integrity and honesty. We are all in essence God’s child.

Let’s suppose the ocean represent God and we removed one drop. If we were to analyze that drop we discover the same identical makeup as the ocean only in a smaller proportion, we are all my dear friends that drop!

Whitney left at this time to bring about a healing to our amazing planet. Her departure is forcing open our collective heart chakras so we may examine our lives more deeply and also, in many cases, contemplate our own physical mortality.  

Forgiveness of self and others must reign supreme. How many times one should forgive, “70 times 7”, so said the great teacher Jesus. Is it hard to forgive? It is if we are coming from selfishness. When we come from love - forgiveness flows effortless.   

Each of us must strive to work more in harmony with one another. All souls are forever connected, all souls are forever present, and all souls are connected to God. All souls are linked forever together. 

In order to accomplish more in our lives, let's retreat within daily for deeper understanding and guidance. Physical retreats help us gain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. We are taking life way too serious! Let's all loosen up. Our great Spiritual Guides have taught that Life is about Joy and not about doom and gloom but about Love.

Let's enjoy more of our earthly journey!   

The grandest of all miracles is when a child is born. The greatest teachers of joy and laughter are our beautiful children. An infant’s smile brightens the world.

We have signs daily showing us that we are never alone. Slow life down, smell the roses and offer kindness along the way. Miracles are occurring all around us. Many blessings pour from Heaven daily --- let's take time to notice and strive for greater balance in our lives.

I pray we all hold firm the vision that we are infinite beautiful beings! We are of the light of God and the Goddess.      And so it is!             

Master Numerologist, Andre Alvin Moore © 02/16/12 

Be Still......

    - I share with you all today a bit of what feels like Divine Guidance received during meditation today for a friend of mine.  Peace and blessings always, Andre

In times of trial and stress, our anxieties can overwhelm us.  Meditate on this commandment, BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM.

Let's break down the first aspect of this powerful teaching. " BE STILL"  The word still means without motion,silence. Why is this important? Because God speaks in the silence. When we talk God listens, but when we become motionless then spirit speaks. You are a spirit having a physical experience. Before you take any physical action move into the silence of your inner being and wait until you hear the voice, sound of spirit.

Second aspect, "AND KNOW",  To  know something means to have direct cognition. This direct knowledge come from your union with the great I Am through the effort made through meditation. God's  truth is your truth.

Third aspect, "THAT I AM", You are indeed the child of God. Come from this understanding.  A drop removed from the Great I Am is still connected to the Great I Am. Even though you may feel separated from the ocean of the Great I Am during your earthly journey you are not!

Creation was made for you, not that you was made for it. You are the creator in action. Direct  your powerful thought forms in the direction that you dictate. Life experiences have no power over you, you have power over life for you are giving birth to life at this precise moment in time.

Be Still And Know That You Are A Child Of God.

Love and Blessings Always,